Plastics Locked Down and Laser Welded

Jonathan Magee, Managing Director at ACSYS UK, explains the advantages of laser welding in “Plastics Today”

Laser-based welding has several important advantages for plastics compared with conventional contact methods in numerous applications, including medical devices and automotive parts.

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Image: Jürgen Fälchle/Adobe Stock


ACSYS Connects in New Ways – Consulting & machine demonstrations digitally via Livestream!


At ACSYS everything revolves around you! COVID19 and the associated limited travel options do not stop us from maintaining close personal contact with our customers and prospects to develop the best solutions together.

Let us consult with you online so that you can virtually experience our laser systems and process expertise. In real time you will be able to visualize detailed insights into our laser systems via several camera settings. Modern streaming technology combined with Microsoft Teams enables direct communication via audio and chat – flexible, time-efficient and completely secure.



Even after COVID19 restrictions are lifted, this resource-saving option for consulting, virtual sampling and commissioning will remain an integral part of our portfolio.

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ACSYS UPGRADE NEWS – High-Speed Scan Head & 64Bit Software

More speed in 3D-engraving – user-friendly handling – enormously precise!


High-Speed Scan Head – the engraving turbo! The new premium High-Speed Scan Head from ACSYS boosts 3D-engraving processes for complex layouts by up to 30 %.


64 Bit Software – with power! This allows you to prepare even large data files quickly and efficiently for engraving.


Here you will find first information for download.

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ACSYS PULSE FORGING – the new revolutionary technology for 3D-ENGRAVING

Pulse Forging

3D-ENGRAVING with high polish

With the Femto Laser and the new ACSYS PULSE FORGING technology, you engrave in a very gentle way, with high quality and automate the subsequent polishing of your workpiece. You will immediately achieve brilliant results!


3D-ENGRAVING in high precision

You can engrave unbeatably fast, precisely and reliably with the Pico Laser. Not only in 3D, also in 2D.


We have the solution for your industry and your specifications!

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