High Precision fiber laser marking systems
for aerospace and defense industry

ACSYS laser systems for marking, anneal marking and engraving
on large cockpit panels, dashboards, electro-optics, optical devices and fire arms.

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    Versatile design possibilities with ACSYS Software AC Laser

    • Any design can be realized with the easy-to-use software, WYSIWYG – Find out more
    • 3-Axis Fiber Laser
    • High precision, repeatability up to .0002 in
    • Marking most different materials – e.g. titanium, aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbide, ceramics, plastics...
    • All applications: marking, engraving, cutting, welding etc.

    Optimum integration and easy operation

    • Easy camera based setup – Find out more
    • Without fixture, contactless clean operation
    • Support of Standard Parameter Database

    Compliant to all industry standards

    • UID compliant
    • Equipment Qualification
    • Laser systems from standard to customized

    High Quality equipment, short setup times

    • Various laser sources
    • High reliability
    • Convert, upgrade to semi customized

    Success Story: SIG SAUER - Free Download

    Working with PIRANHA at Sig Sauer – Live Preview with LAS - Live Adjust System

    Markings on the adjustment rings of telescopic sights and scopes have to be white, extremely precise and clearly legible from all angles. The PIRANHA laser processing system from ACSYS Lasertechnik has the answer to all these requirements. Over the last few months, the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics division (Portland, Oregon, USA) has been using this system to engrave markings on their products. As a result, component production has increased and more components are being manufactured in-house. A great result all round.

    "The ACSYS applications were the best. The marking results were very impressive – really sharp. The ACSYS samples were simply the best, perfectly matching our quality standards." Josh Veil

    Free Download

    We will send you an e-mail with download link to the Success Story of SIG SAUER, Portland USA:

      Easy Setup – Software made by ACSYS

      PIRANHA Pico - high precision laser system

      PIRANHA Pico - high precision laser system


      Discover the new dimensions of laser marking. AC LASER Software is the ideal software package for laser material processing. AC-LASER offers you all the essential tools for working in a homogeneous intuitive environment – from the production of simple markings to the manufacturing of complex 3D engravings for single unit manufacturing or series production.

      Achieve outstanding results with the powerful AC-LASER Software modules. The graphical user interface allows users to implement each request within the shortest possible time period, without having to compromise with regard to design or quality. Intelligent image processing functions reduce setup times to a minimum.

      The AC-LASER Software ensures uncompromising productivity. The close integration and uniform functionality of different modules allows you to implement your ideas and fulfill your requirements.

      Key features – ACSYS Software AC LASER


      • Camera image: The LAS – Live Adjust System allows the precise positioning of even the smallest of workpieces.
      • Intuitive user interface: Different user interface standards are available. The AC-LASER offers an intuitive layout for fast and creative working, ranging from the “easy mode” setting to the customer-programmable user interface.
      • Custom programming: Customized layout and process programming with database connectivity.
      • Split layout: Intelligent segmentation. Large-area markings are “intelligently” segmented on flat or round parts and seamlessly executed.

      Large-area markings are “intelligently” segmented on flat or round parts and seamlessly executed.

      • Barcode and DataMatrix code: Powerful editing module for barcodes and DataMatrix codes.
      • Multiple Execution: Intelligent stack processing. The laser system is capable of controlling tasks fully automatically, overnight or at weekends, and it can process several blanks automatically.
      • Material Parameter Assistant: Easy searching for suitable laser parameters for a wide range of materials. Automatic creation of a parameter scale from an extensive parameters database.

      Video: LAS – Live Adjust System – Efficiency by ACSYS

      Ease of use with globally unique LAS - Live Adjust System®.


      ACSYS offers a two-camera solution for maximum precision in machining tasks.

      The first camera shows the entire working area and provides the operator with an overview of the workpieces that are to be machined. This is the basic function of the LAS - Live Adjust System.

      LAS-Live-Adjust System with two cameras

      The LAS - Live Adjust System by ACSYS with two cameras. The second camera is pointed straight through the laser beam path and allows a high-resolution view of the partial workpiece that is to be machined.

      LAS-Live-Adjust System with a straight camera

      LAS Dual with a straight camera. LAS Dual with a camera at an angle.

      About ACSYS industrial laser machines

      We are personally committed to setting the benchmark for quality and reliability.


      ACSYS Lasertechnik’s wide range of industrial laser machines for laser marking, engraving and cutting

      ACSYS Lasertechnik’s wide range of industrial laser machines for laser marking, engraving and cutting


      ACSYS offers a wide range of industrial laser machines for laser marking, starting with the benchtop OYSTER system up to the laser machining center ORCA. ACSYS engineers select the best solution together with the customer.

      All ACSYS laser machines can be modularly configured and supplemented with special modules and automation components to optimally meet customer-specific requirements. Depending on the application, ACSYS uses the entire spectrum of laser sources from fiber lasers through diode pumped systems, CO2 lasers to ultra short pulsed lasers.