Laser systems for material processing

Preserving Beauty – Laser structuring and PVD coating

ACSYS at the Technical Forum during the World Money Fair 2020.

The video shows our presentation during the technical forum on 30 January 2020, click on the image or here for the YouTube video on the ACSYS channel.

Fragile structures must be protected.

ACSYS and Inorcoat present the PVD coating process for coining dies, optimized for the coin industry.

Rainbow effect before and after PVD coating.

While the standard chromium-process of the coining dies fill up the fine structures of the rainbow engraving and makes them unusable, the method of PVD coating offers reliable protection and does not impair the filigree reflective properties of the μ-precise laser structuring.

With its laser processing systems, ACSYS uses a special laser process to generate the structures.

ACSYS and Inorcoat, together with the Mint of Poland and INCM, have completed extensive test series and optimized the laser process parameters accordingly. The result is a production process suitable for industrial use. 

Striked results on circulation blanks.

Click here for more laser experience of ACSYS in the minting world.

More videos about lasers in the coin industry can be found in our Youtube channel “ACSYS at the Technical Forum during the World Money Fair in Berlin“.