Weidmüller Klippon® Automated RailLaser – Holistic approach for automated electrical cabinet construction by ACSYS

ACSYS has developed the Klippon® Automated RailLaser in co-operation with the Weidmüller company.

Weidmüller Klippon® Automated RailLaser made by ACSYS (Bildrechte Weidmüller)
Weidmüller Klippon® Automated RailLaser made by ACSYS (Image rights Weidmüller)

New digitalization and automation approaches play a decisive role in the manufacture of electrical control cabinets, resulting in production processes being implemented faster, more precisely and more economically than before. This is critical in times of full order books and an increasing shortage of skilled labour.

In combination with Weidmüller’s Configurator (WMC) software, the Klippon® Automated RailLaser enables fully automatic marking of pre-assembled terminal strips. The use of terminals with pre-attached markers eliminates the need to separate, assign and mount individual markers. This allows time savings of up to 90% in marking processes. The laser marking of the terminal strips meets the highest demands on marking quality.

Universelle Beschriftungsmöglichkeiten. Durch die innovative Lasertechnologie werden keine speziellen Markierungen verwendet. die für den Klippon® Automated RailLaser erforderlich sind. Zusätzlich zu den vorinstallierte weiße Marker, die Marker aus dem Weidmüller-Standard. Portfolio mit einer breiten Palette von Farben und Materialien können Sie die verwendet werden. (Bildrechte Weidmüller)
Universal marking options.
Due to the innovative laser technology no special markers are necessary. In addition to the pre-installed white markers, all markers from Weidmüller’s standard portfolio can be used with a wide range of colours and materials. (Image rights Weidmüller)
Höchste Flexibilität. Durch den universellen Tragschienenhalter und den laserdirekt arbeitenden Markierungstechnologie ist es möglich, die Klemme sehr präzise zu markieren. Blöcke und andere Tragschienenbauteile - auch mit komplexe Geometrien. Die Tragschienen TS35 können gekennzeichnet werden durch 100 bis 1.200 mm Länge, 7,5 bis 15 mm Höhe und mit einem Gesamtgewicht von bis zu 15 Kilogramm. (Bildrechte Weidmüller)
Highest flexibility.
The universal mounting rail holder and direct laser processing make it possible to mark terminals, blocks and other mounting rail components very precisely, even with complex geometries. The TS35 mounting rails can be marked from 100 mm to 1,200 mm in length, 7.5 to 15 mm in height and with a total weight of up to 15 kilograms. (Image right Weidmüller)

The “Weidmüller Configurator” (WMC) is responsible for the consistency in the process; it generates the digital twin of the terminal strip. The individual marking levels are generated from this data and sent directly to the Klippon® Automated RailLaser. The user only has to insert the equipped mounting rail into the system and then press the “Start button”. A data matrix code on the back of the mounting rail ensures that the correct program is called up. The Klippon® Automated RailLaser first checks the inserted mounting rail and then performs a comparison of the digital and real model. This is followed by direct marking of the terminal blocks that have previously been fitted with markers. The color of the markers used is irrelevant: in addition to white and yellow, numerous other colored markers can also be laser marked fully automatically. This option makes it easy to meet the industry-specific color requirements or the individual color schemes of customers. Special markers are not required because all Weidmüller plastic markers are suitable for fully automatic marking.

More information about the system at Weidmüller.

ACSYS supplied the know-how and the complete construction of the automatic laser system.

Testaufbau bei ACSYS.

Test setup at ACSYS (image rights Weidmüller).