Brilliant play of colours – the ultra-short pulse laser in top form

Ingeniously simple – Tilted Heightlines in colour.

Colored, tilted contour lines made by ACSYS – Realistic 3D effect without depth engraving. 

ACSYS presented the Tilted Height Lines by ACSYS – Realistic 3D effect without depth engraving. The name stands for an intelligent technique to reproduce three-dimensional CAD reliefs with simple lines on different materials.

The intelligent arrangement of two-dimensional lines creates the impression of three-dimensionality.

Another groundbreaking technology is rainbow engraving. The refractive structures are introduced into the material in the nanometer range.

Rainbow effect laser engraving opens up completely new possibilities, e.g. in the production of coins and medals. Whether as a high-quality application of collector coins, as a security feature or as a unique feature. The effect can be produced directly or through punching and is absolutely reproducible.

Rainbow effect laser engraving on a coin stamp. Test matrix of the rainbow engraving, only the angle of incidence of the light source varies.

Impressive know-how wherever the eye looks.

The innovative know-how of ACSYS in combination with the most advanced ultra-short pulse technology results in an almost realistic coloured three-dimensional impression of the tilted contour lines.