Laser systems for material processing

All in One laser system patent pending!

Experience the versatility of the ultra-short pulse laser!

The innovation has been applied for patent at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office under the official file number DE10 2019 116 731.0.

Marking, engraving, and cutting. Pioneering innovation!

One laser system for completely different laser processes. ACSYS’s patent pending quick-change system can do it. The laser is controlled by a galvanometer scanner, and marking optics (f-theta, flat field optics, telecentric optics) or a laser cutting head can be installed. 

Corrosion-resistant, reading-angle-independent black marking.

In the marking mode, the system allows corrosion-free laser marking on stainless steel. Black marking is not dependent on reading angle. Ideal for UDI markings on surgical or medical devices. High-contrast, “white” surface markings that are very easy to read can be produced on glass or sapphire surfaces.

Corrosion-free black marking

Laser engraving of the highest surface quality without melting burrs.

The quick, burr-free laser engraving with the highest in surface quality is what sets the ultra-short pulse laser apart. The USP laser enables functional microstructures on various materials, finest 3D laser engravings of embossing stamps and jewellery, or high-precision removal of thin, conductive oxide, anti-reflective/nitride, or metal layers used in thin-film or silicon solar cells.

3D laser engraving of chip breakers in carbide
3D laser engraving and rainbow engraving with the
highest surface quality

Optimize the cutting joint in an targeted manner.

No burrs and no thermal influence: these are the advantages of the USP laser in cutting mode. The unique design allows the galvanometer mirror to perform an oscillating movement within the cutting nozzle during cutting interpolation in order to have a targeted effect on the cutting joint.

Burr-free laser cutting of bone saw blades
Crack-free laser cutting of sapphire glass

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